Performance Coaching

As a Certified LifeSuccess Coach of LifeSuccess Productions and a Wellness Coach of Chopra Education, I am dedicated to helping Individuals reach their potential, achieve their personal goals and significantly improve their overall effectiveness. I use the LifeSuccess and Wellness principles and combine these with my other training to help individuals and teams expand and develop their thinking to build behavioural and technical competencies.

Personal and Organisational Wellness

At times, unexpected changes in our environment trigger a sense of unease. I offer sessions such as Meditation and Mindfulness to allow you to reset, to rest in stillness and release resistance to the present moment.

Organisational Development

We provide advice and guidance on designing an organization structure, systems and policies that are aligned with the mission, vision and mandate of the organisation. We will undertake strategic workforce planning and guide you on how to align the organization’s staffing levels with its intended outcomes and can assist in the implementation process.

Psychometric Testing and Talent Assessment

We provide psychometric and talent assessment testing to support your recruitment and selection services.  We will work with you to design a flexible, efficient, and transparent recruitment and selection process that combines past behavior structured interviews together with interactive and engaging assessments from SHRM Talent Assessment Center to help you assess skills, characteristics, traits, and abilities of potential candidates.