Building Competencies in Strategic Compensation Management

Participants in this course will learn the essentials of Compensation while they engage in activities designed to build their competencies and skills in all areas of Strategic Compensation.

Building Competencies in HRM Management

Building Competencies with HRM Practice is a competitive simulation developed by Interpretive Solutions and based on the human resources management function.

Building Competencies in Business Practice

Do you have dreams of establishing your own business and taking charge of your professional goals? After years of working for other people, you might be feeling you are ready for a change, but you may be hesitant to take that first step. Well, this program, “Building Competencies with Business Practice” will give you the inspiration to step out of that comfort zone.

Performance Management Training

Hyacinth Guy Human Resource Company has significant experience in designing, developing, and implementing Performance Management and Assessment systems in organisations and training Appraisers and employees on the system.

Conflict Analysis Resolution and Management (CARM)

Develop skills and competencies for communicating effectively in the workplace and transforming conflict.

Building Competencies in Strategic Management

This is a simulated program designed to help Leaders and Managers build competencies in Strategic Management. It is a simulation game based on the automobile industry simplified to allow participants to focus their time and energy on strategic issues.