Conflict Analysis Resolution and Management

Conflict Analysis Resolution and Management (CARM)

This CARM program is distinguished from similar programs in the field in that it includes a module on recognizing and analyzing conflict which many contemporary programs do not address. Once you develop these skills you can see a conflict developing and take steps to manage it, resolve it or transform the conflict into a productive outcome.

Upon successful completion of the two-day program, participants will be able to demonstrate the following skills and competencies:

• An understanding of their own communication and conflict style,
• An understanding of what is conflict and the ability to recognise when it is arising
• The ability to utilise appropriate skills to analyse the conflict
• The ability to apply the appropriate tools to resolve or manage the conflict or transform it into productive outcomes.

Holding Effective Conversations in the Workplace

• Develop skills and competencies for communicating effectively in the workplace and for creating an environment which fosters mutually beneficial relationships.
• Understand the local industrial relations framework, learn how to navigate employee discipline and performance both in unionised and non-unionised environments.
• Develop the ability to counsel employees and develop improvement plans.

Setting Up Dispute Resolution Systems in Your Organisation

• Build an organizational culture that focuses on preventative and facilitative means to resolve conflict and minimize disputes
• Moving from a distressed to an effective DR system
• Understanding Interests, Rights and Power
• Practices that minimise dispute