Organisational Development

HR Operational Efficiency Improvement Studies

We diagnose the HR function and the wider organisation to identify the issues that impact operational efficiency as they relate to the HRM function, conduct workforce audits to determine gaps to be filled to meet strategic objectives, assess the adequacy of HR policies and existing HR practices and make recommendations for improving HR Operational Efficiencies. We will also assist in the implementation process.  

Organisation Restructuring

We undertake an organisation review to obtain a perspective of the present state and the intended future direction of the organisation. Using a custom-built process, we assess the skills and competencies required by the organization, determine gaps, and identify areas for change. We will design the organisation structure, and identify the skills, talent and staffing levels needed. We will advise on priorities to be undertaken to build the new organization culture

Strategic Workforce Planning

Undertake workforce planning to determine the following:

  • whether the company has the right number of people to achieve its goals.
  • whether those people have the right talent to do their jobs,
  • whether the structure of the organization facilitates its effective functioning.
  • and whether work is performed in the most efficient manner.