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Building Competencies with HRM Practice

For HR Professionals

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About our course

Building Competencies with HRM Practice is a competitive simulation of the human resources management function developed by Interpretative Simulations and facilitated by Hyacinth Guy Human Resource Company and Gillia Liverpool-Roberts. During the eight (8) day simulation (each day representing a quarter of a year) you will be part of a team comprising an HR Director and 2-3 HR Team Members of a mid-sized manufacturing firm and you would be required to make decisions on HR issues each day. The simulation will take place in an environment of direct competition with other teams, and your team’s performance will be assessed on how the organization performs, and how well you stay within your budget.

The simulation will be conducted entirely online over eight (8) consecutive days.
Participants will be placed in teams and will meet every day for 2-3 hours; one hour with the Facilitators to discuss the HR topic of the day and then 2 hours work in their individual teams to analyze a situation and make an HR decision. Teams would be asked to make decisions on areas such as Staffing, Compensation, Training, Performance Appraisal and Labor Management and would be called upon to deal with incidents such as workforce reduction, low productivity, budget cuts and other issues that affect people in the organization. The decisions you make in these areas have a direct impact on the financial state of the organization and you will gain an understanding of how the critical areas of HRM align with corporate strategy and develop competencies in assessing an organization’s strategy and designing an appropriate HR strategy. An HRM Practice Certificate would be given at the end of the program.

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