Building Competencies
with Business Practice

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Building Competencies with Business Practice is a computer simulation that is designed to give you practice in managing a small, service-based business. In the simulation you will open and manage a coffee shop in a university town and make daily decisions on issues like:

• Whom should I hire? What should I pay them?
• What price should I charge? How do people find out about me?
• What should I purchase? What equipment do I need?
• How do I keep track of money – my revenues and expenses? 

In addition, you would have to respond to other issues that arise while running a business: - issues such as irate customers, problem employees and spikes in demand.


Building Competencies with Business Practice” is ideal for:

• Persons desirous of starting a business.
• Emerging Business Professionals who want to make a quantum leap in their Business Results.
• Experienced Business Professionals who wish to acquaint themselves with contemporary Business issues, apply their knowledge in
  a dynamic simulated business environment and mentor emerging business owners.
• Students of Business who want to experience integrating theory with practice.


Building Competencies with Business Practice uses the running of BizCafe, a coffee shop to expose participants to the essentials of running a small business. In this simulation, students will run the business over an 8 power-packed days which is equivalent to 16 simulated weeks.

Students will practice, managing staff, marketing the product, operating the business and reading financial statements. At the end of the simulation students will understand how to use financial statements to make decisions, how to price a product, how to advertise and market a produce and how to provide excellent service to customers.


Before beginning the simulation, participants will be given a case which gives a detailed profile of the startup environment. Participants should schedule a minimum of three hours each day for course participation; of this time, one hour will be Instructor-Led Training on a business topic and the rest of the time would be self-paced learning where you and your team will analyze the day’s scenarios, make decisions, and enter the decisions in the program provided. Participants will be expected to discuss the rationale for the decision and the impact of the decision on the organisation with the Facilitators the next day.


Students will be given a Business Practice Completion Certificate upon completion of the simulation.

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